Product training – Woodward control equipment

We provide training on Woodward standard controls such as Peak150, 505, 505E, 505DE, 2301D-GT, etc. and for the free programmable NetCon, MicroNet, MicronetPlus and MSM systems. In addition, Woodward software including (monitor) GAP, Watch Windows, Control Assistant, etc. can be included in any training session.

The customer determines what level of training is required on what type of control and application. Due to the extensive experience with teaching courses, we can advise you about your optimal training solution. All courses contain both theory and practical exercises depending on the target system. Any training course can have one or both of two levels, specifically:

  • Operator level : This level is intended for people only operating the equipment. It is aimed to provide basic troubleshooting in order to be able to give the correct information to (dedicated) engineers to resolve a problem;
  • Engineer level : This training level is aimed at engineers that will support operators and need to deal with more complicated issues on the control equipment.

Any Woodward related training offered, aims to use the original Woodward training material where available. This will allow any Woodward customer to always get the proper high standard of training material with the regular Woodward look and feel.

Obviously we can provide training on all systems developed and delivered by us. Should you have questions regarding training please feel free to contact us :

Customized training courses on controls

In addition to the Woodward related standard training material, we can also create custom material to fit a specific application. This can include any site specific software or hardware features. If for example the supplied GAP software is placed in the simulation environment and a full functioning model is created for the system, the simulator becomes a powerful training tool for operator procedure and familiarization training.

Any Woodward hardware training is a custom tailored course at Revolution Controls. This hardware training includes familiarization of any the site-specific hardware, familiarization of the I/O cards and modules and troubleshooting techniques.