Commissioning services are offered for all control systems designed by Revolution Controls. The degree of support offered is determined by the customer and may include partial or complete commissioning of a system.

Typical commissioning tasks may include:

  • Cold Commissioning
    • first power-up control system
    • point-to-point loop check
    • sensor calibration
    • variable geometry calibration
    • cause & effect tests
    • integration with any other existing systems (DCS, fire and gas)
  • Hot Commissioning
    • performance testing
    • tuning dynamic response
    • cause & effect test

In addition to Revolution Controls supplied systems, commissioning services are also available for any other Woodward control system designed by other companies. These may be both standard or customized controls.

All activities will be logged in a detailed commissioning report. The report will give an up-to-date status of the commissioning activities.

Should you have questions regarding commissioning services, feel free to contact us :