Field Service

Field Service

Our service engineers will be able to help you when you have an issue with any Woodward control on your steam or gas turbine. During any field service trip, a detailed report containing daily activities, findings and recommendations is prepared.

Please contact us to request a service engineer on an “if available” basis :

Service Contract

When additional insurance is required beyond the “if available” condition, a service contract of some form would be recommended. Based on a contractual service agreement we will guarantee availability of qualified service personnel to be dispatched to a certain location within a determined time frame.  In this case there will be an agreed travel protocol including contact details such as phone numbers to guarantee a quick reaction time. Depending on the details this typically would imply to travel to the site within 24 hours.

These contracts can be split into two sections:

  • Preventive maintenance contract to assist customers in their efforts to maintain their equipment. We can perform scheduled maintenance regarding the control systems to minimize the event of an unexpected shutdown of the equipment. This can include calibration of field instrumentation, variable geometry, check panel wiring status, etc.
  • Unscheduled maintenance contract to assist customers when their equipment shuts down unexpectedly. The customers will have qualified service personnel available to assist to locate the problem and solve it as well preparations to restart the equipment.