Project Engineering

The engineering of a project essentially covers a number of key activities that eventually result in a working unit in the field.

After assessing what is required for a specific site, either by a customer specification or site survey, the next step usually is to make a preliminary hardware selection to match the required I/O count. Based on this hardware selection, the panel design can be initiated and the corresponding software and operator screens are prepared.

Once the software and operator panels are completed, these are fully tested using a simulator model that contains both the control logic and the operated equipment. After internal testing the eventual FAT with a customer is completed. This generally would also be a good time for witness testing of the panel prior to shipment to site for installation.

We would prefer to complete a full project to optimize the various interactions between the individual pieces. For example, matching I/O allocation with existing site wiring, integrating the control logic with the HMI, etc. We can obviously also just work on a specific part in case we team-up with third party activities.