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Welcome to Revolution Controls B.V.

Designing control systems for gas and steam turbines is our core business.

As a small company, we aim to be the engineering resource for your company to assist in projects, field service and consultancy.

Products and Services

We provide all basic activities related to the installation and operation of rotating equipment control systems. Apart from preliminary investigations for upgrades or improvement, this also includes design, programming, installation and after care such as training. Please see the detailed pages in the site menu for further information.

Please do note that over the years we have also been requested to support various projects that would be classed as “outside company scope” by others. These would range from assessing air filter replacement strategies to heat recovery boiler (HRSG) optimizations. With a solid engineering background these activities are a great diversification beyond just rotating equipment. Included in the detailed pages are some references of the various projects and activities just to get a feeling of what our capabilities are in addition to just control systems in general.

Control cabinet design including component sizing and electrical wiring.
Rotating equipment and related control software including driven equipment.
System performance and condition monitoring (including combined cycles).
Operator interfaces with Citect (SIP partner), Intellution/(I)Fix, Panelmate.
Gas turbine modelling for cycle analysis and simulation.
Development of new gas turbine control technology.

  • Project and commissioning activities
    Site surveys (site requirements, available equipment, system layout).
    Cold commissioning (loop checking, functional testing).
    Hot commissioning (PID loop tuning, optimizing system operation).

    Customer training
    Practical and theoretical training on rotating equipment control systems.
    End user and operator familiarization training (including simulator training).
    Woodward hardware platforms and standard products.
    Writing control system applications.

    Service contracts and other site activities
    Field support for Woodward hardware platforms and standard products.
    Scheduled maintenance (actuator calibration, fuel valve exchanges).
    Support hot-line for remote assistance, remote access to control system.

Parts Supply

We are able to supply parts for Woodward and other systems. In addition to new parts we also hold a stock of decommissioned items for sale.

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